2 thoughts on “what is the test credentials for PayUMoney”

    1. PayUMoney is Updating the Integration Manual.
      Currently May be the PayUMoney credentials Changed.
      So, Plesae Visit the



      Cards on sandbox.
      In order to test card payments on sandbox, please use the following credentials.

      Card issuer Number Month Year CVV 3-D Secure Behavior
      Visa 4444333322221111 01 19 123 no Positive authorization
      MasterCard 5434021016824014 01 19 123 no Positive authorization
      Maestro 5099802211165618 01 19 123 no Positive authorization. CVV is not required in single click payments (PayU | Express)
      Visa 4012001037141112 01 19 123 yes Positive authorization
      Maestro 5000105018126595 01 19 123 no Negative authorization

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