How to Get the Header Data CakePHP or PHP?

I Personally Tried a lot for getting the posted header data in cakephp.

The Header data required to check the posted token. Token validation , to check the posted request is valid or not.

Finally I found the Solution.
PHP It self has a function named, getallheaders()

Syntax: getallheaders ( void ) : array
Description: Fetches all HTTP headers from the current request.

Return Values::
An associative array of all the HTTP headers in the current request, or FALSE on failure.

Example #1 getallheaders() example

$headers = getallheaders();
foreach( $headers as $name => $value) {
     echo "$name: $value\n";

Example: Received Data:

     [Host] =>
     [Connection] => keep-alive
     [Content-Length] => 264
     [auth_token] => 20dea7c13dada345dgf80815d3546393a98
     [device_id] => adada23456
     [Cache-Control] => no-cache
     [Origin] => chrome-extension://fhbjgjbdggehcddcbncdddomop
     [User-Agent] => Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/66.0.3359.139 Safari/537.36
     [Postman-Token] => 2d5b612b-e2db-1202-50f1-925cb2f8fa05
     [Content-Type] => multipart/form-data; boundary=----WebKitFormBoundarySssj4jB1U7xNxnHy
     [Accept] => */*
     [Accept-Encoding] => gzip, deflate, br
     [Accept-Language] => en-GB,en-US;q=0.9,en;q=0.8
     [Cookie] => PHP=lm68fsfbhedsvbb6b96


How to Check checkbox is checked or not?

By using the function we can know if the checkbox is selected or checked or not. then depending on the result we can perform operations.

function is_checkbox_selected(element){

    if(element.checked) {
        // CheckBox is checked
    }else {
        // Checkbox is not checked


The Html code: Call the above function from on check or on click from javascript or Jquery.

<input type="checkbox" name="accept" value="1" onclick="is_checkbox_selected(this)" >

How to Create Unique Number in PHP?


$mt_rand = mt_rand(1000000000, 9999999999); 
echo $mt_rand;


$unique_id = uniqid();
echo $unique_id;
 uniqid( prefix, more_entropy ) 

Can be useful, for instance, if you generate identifiers simultaneously on several hosts that might happen to generate the identifier at the same microsecond.

With an empty prefix, the returned string will be 13 characters long. If more_entropy is TRUE, it will be 23 characters.

If set to TRUE, uniqid() will add additional entropy (using the combined linear congruential generator) at the end of the return value, which increases the likelihood that the result will be unique.



$mt_rand = mt_rand(1000000000, 9999999999);
$timestamp = time();
$temp = $mt_rand + $timestamp;
$temp2= substr($tmp, 0,10);

echo $temp2;

How to add a Facebook LIKE Button in the Website??

To Create the Like & Share Button Click on The Facebook Developers Page

Facebook Like
Facebook Like Button

A single click on the Like button will ‘like’ pieces of content on the web and share them on Facebook. You can also display a Share button next to the Like button to let people add a personal message and customize who they share with.


  1. Choose URL or Page
    Pick the URL of a website or Facebook Page you want to use with the like button.
  2. Code Configurator
    Paste the URL to the code configurator and adjust settings like the width of your like button. Click the Get Code button to generate your like button code.
  3. Copy & Paste HTML Snippet
    Copy and past the snippet into the HTML of the destination website.
  4. Remove Duplication If Necessary
    If you already have code to activate logging of app events, remove the autoLogAppEvents=1 statement from the pasted code to prevent duplicate logging.

In addition to the settings above, you can also change the following:

SettingHTML5 AttributeDescriptionDefault
actiondata-actionThe verb to display on the button. Can be either likeor recommendlike
colorschemedata-colorschemeThe color scheme used by the plugin for any text outside of the button itself. Can be light or dark.light
hrefdata-hrefThe absolute URL of the page that will be liked.Current URL.
kid_directed_sitedata-kid-directed-siteIf your web site or online service, or a portion of your service, is directed to children under 13 you must enable thisfalse
layoutdata-layoutSelects one of the different layouts that are available for the plugin. Can be one of standardbutton_countbuttonor box_count. See the FAQ for more details.standard
refdata-refA label for tracking referrals which must be less than 50 characters and can contain alphanumeric characters and some punctuation (currently +/=-.:_). See the FAQ for more details.None
sharedata-shareSpecifies whether to include a share button beside the Like button. This only works with the XFBML version.false
show_facesdata-show-facesSpecifies whether to display profile photos below the button (standard layout only). You must not enable this on child-directed sites.false
sizedata-sizeThe button is offered in 2 sizes i.e. large and small.small
widthdata-widthThe width of the plugin (standard layout only), which is subject to the minimum and default width. Please see Layout Settings below for more details.See standard in Layout Settings

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