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How to Increment value clicking plus minus icon in Jquery?

February 6, 2019 10:56 am

Html Code: <div class=”csdisplayorder” > <span class=’csminus glyphicon glyphicon-minus’></span> <input class=”cscurrent” type=”text” disabled value=”1″ data-rid=”1″ data-pid=”2″> <span class=’csplus glyphicon glyphicon-plus’></span> </div> Script: <script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function(){ $(‘.csdisplayorder .csplus’).live(‘click’, function(){ var dis = $(this); var input_obj = dis.parent().find(‘.cscurrent’);

How to Integrate Select2 for Dropdown or Select Box?

January 19, 2019 9:09 am

Using Select2 from a CDN A CDN (content delivery network) is the fastest way to get up and running with Select2! Select2 is hosted on both the cdnjs and jsDelivr CDNs. Simply include the following lines of code in the section of your page: <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet” /> <script src=””></script> Or, You Can Download the Library Files From directly SELECT2 Github The