EBS – Secure Hash Validation Failed

EBS provides the document for the posted data & other formats.

There, we have to pass that required Credentials. like secure hash.


//Pass your Registered Secret Key

$hashData = “Your Secret Key“;

$hash = “ebskey”.”|”.urlencode($_POST[‘account_id’]).”|”.urlencode($_POST[‘amount’]).”|”.urlencode($_POST[‘reference_no’]).”|”.$_POST[‘return_url’].”|”.urlencode($_POST[‘mode’]);

$secure_hash = md5($hash);

// now pass $secure_hash secure hash to ebs .

// now pass $secure_hash secure hash to ebs .


how to make secure hash to send in ebs payment gateway

Click here: Ebs Invalid Hash

HTTP ERROR 500: WordPress Website is currently unable to handle this request

HTTP ERROR 500: WordPress Website is currently unable to handle this request

This Problem may be for your Installed Plugin in WordPress.

To Solve this… “Find this abnormal Plugin & Remove It“.

1. Login to your Hosting / Cpanel

2. Go to File Manager

3. now, Navigate to you website files

4. open “ error log

5. find latest errors and see which plugin is making this issue

6. Rename that plugin older name

7. If Site Running , Remove that Plugin.


Change the Plugin Folder Name, Check If Your Site is Running. If Your Site is OK then The Issue is in your Plugin Folder.

Now, Revert back your Plugin Folder Name. Rename your all plugins name, one by one check all plugin by activating. Malicious plugin will create error. Remove that Plugin.




Print a div contents in Php

If You want to print the section or Div contents, then please do the following…

By using the following code you can print the contents in a div or section.


Html  Section:

// The Printing button. On click this button the print preview opens

<div class="row">
      <div class="col-md-12"> 
              <button class="xshr_print_section_btn" onclick="javascript:printDivContents('xshr_print_section')">Print Details</button></div>

<!-- html Ends -->

Script Section:

<!-- For Print the Contents Starts -->

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

function printDivContents(divID) {

//Get the HTML of div
var divElements = document.getElementById(divID).innerHTML;

//Get the HTML of whole page
var oldPage = document.body.innerHTML;

//Reset the page's HTML with div's HTML only
document.body.innerHTML = 
"<html><head><title></title></head><body>" + 
divElements + "</body>";

//Print Page

//Restore orignal HTML
document.body.innerHTML = oldPage;


<!-- For Print the Contents / Ends-->



also solution available at: how to print a Div content in javascript