Google Business Listing has been Suspended Due to Quality Issues!

As, Google Says…..

We may take action on listings and user accounts that violate our content and conduct policies.

If we remove a listing: The public can’t access the listing anymore. The owner and managers can’t take actions on its behalf, though they can still make edits and appeal to be reinstated. If the listing is reinstated, we’ll also reinstate the owner and managers.

If we remove the owner’s Google Account: We’ll also remove all of the listings owned by that user. If we reinstate the owner’s Google Account, we’ll also reinstate the listings.

If we remove a manager’s Google Account: We’ll suspend the manager on the listings they manage, but the listings themselves will be unaffected. If we reinstate the manager’s Google Account, the manager will automatically regain managerial access to the listings.

source: Google

To Know about on google click here:!topic%2Fmaps%2FPDj31RqLiTU

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