How to Install Virtualenv in Ubantu 16.04 or Windows?

Ubantu or Linux

When we are going to run any project in Python Django in the Windows or Ubantu system, we need the virtual environment installed into our system. So first we will see how to install virtual environment into our system.

How to install virtual
virtualenv or environment:

For Ubantu or Linux System:

sudo apt-get install python3-pip

In Windows System, we can use this commands..

apt-get install python3-pip


apt-get install pip

Then install virtualenv using pip3 or pip

For Ubantu System we can use…

sudo pip3 install virtualenv 


sudo pip install virtualenv 

For Windows System, we can use..

pip install virtualenv 

Now create a virtual environment

virtualenv venv 

We can also use a Python interpreter of your choice. like Python 3, Python 3.5 etc

For Ubantu , Linux or Windows we can use this command

virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python2.7 venv

Create virtualenv using Python3

virtualenv -p python3 myenv

Active your virtual environment:

For Ubantu or Linux System..

source venv/bin/activate

Activate Virtual Environment Using fish shell.:

source venv/bin/

Activate Virtual Environment using Windows..

Here, the path at venv root path or same directory.


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