SmartGit asking for Licence Key after Trail Period

QuestionsCategory: SmartGitSmartGit asking for Licence Key after Trail Period
devchandan Staff asked 11 months ago

Suddenly SmartGit asking the Licence Key to Continue with SmartGit. Previously SmartGit was Working Fine.

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matrix Staff answered 11 months ago

May Be Your SmartGit is Updated. SmartGit is a Premium Software. During Trial Period It is FREE.
But You can Use it by Removing the SmartGit Update from Your Machine / Computer.

Visit this linkHow to Remove SmartGit Update

Requires the Licence File or Key of Purchased.
#goto directory where smartgit is.

[email protected]:~# cd /root/

#remove the updates

[email protected]:~# rm -rf .smartgit/

#Then,run file

[email protected]:~# sh /home/stack/Desktop/
devchandan Staff replied 11 months ago

Thanks. Its Working